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Top questions from top 72 SaaS platforms

We were interested in creating something for every SaaS out there that doesn't have a knowledge base and wants to start one.

We put 48 man-hours into this research. First, we created a list of the most popular SaaS platforms using multiple filters, and then we manually navigated each knowledge base. For each platform, we saved the questions, centralized everything, removed duplicates, and then went through each question that was still standing. At this point, we asked ourselves what the "general" questions are and the "personalised" questions, which are specific for each platform. We removed the particular questions and then went through the list one more time to split the questions per category.


This is not meant to be a copy-paste knowledge base. There are no "general" answers that would work for anybody. Instead, please use it as an inspiration when creating the first version of your KB.


Account management

  • How to create an account

  • How to reset/change your password

  • How to cancel/delete your account

  • How to confirm your account / Resending confirmation email

  • I can’t remember which email address I used to sign up

  • How to change your email/username

  • How to change your email notification settings

  • How to change your account time zone

  • How to migrate your account from [competitor]

  • How to change your language settings

  • I can’t access my email

  • Merging accounts

  • Common account errors

  • Inactive account policy

  • Account sharing policy

  • Refer a friend policy


  • How to update/change your plan

  • How to cancel your plan

  • How to pause your plan

  • How to change your billing cycle

  • How to change your billing currency

  • How to change your billing information

  • How to enable/disable automatic billing

  • How to add and edit company details

  • How to pay via [insert_payment_method]

  • How to download your billing receipt or invoice

  • How to view your billing history

  • Why have I been charged

  • Why have I been charged twice

  • What should I do if I am tax/VAT-exempt, but was charged tax/VAT?

  • My payment froze

  • Common purchase errors

  • Common subscription errors

  • Refund policy

  • What taxes do you add on top of the subscription


  • How to create a team

  • How to add or remove members/users to a team

  • How to edit a team

  • How to delete a team

  • How to transfer a team to another owner

  • How to leave a team

  • How to change the team settings

  • How to create a group inside a team

  • How to edit and manage team roles and permissions

  • Setting up SSO​

Integrations and API

  • How to generate your API key

  • How to use webhooks

  • How to enable integration with [platform]

  • Common [platform] errors

Security & privacy

  • How to enable 2FA 

  • How to protect your account from phishing 

  • How to recover your account

  • What happens to my data when I cancel

  • Can I download a copy of my data

  • HIPAA policy and FAQ

  • GDPR policy and FAQ

  • Cookie policy and FAQ

  • Report abuse 


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