How to accept payments on Wix via Stripe without upgrading

If you’re just starting and you want to keep the costs as low as possible, we have a solution that will help in the first three to six months of launching your business. Below you can find an alternative that can be used together with the “Combo” plan for Wix to accept payments with no extra costs and without upgrading to higher Wix plans.

TL;DR version

  • Keep your plan on Wix, don’t upgrade to their business plan

  • Sign up for a free account on Jotform, which gives you the possibility to accept up to 10 payments per month via Stripe

  • Set up a form and embed it on a page on Wix

  • People will go on your website, complete the form and pay through Stripe

To start, let’s create a new page in Wix; this will be the page where users go to pay.

Click on the first button in the sidebar called “Menus & Pages” and then select “Add Page” at the bottom of the modal.

Change the name of the page by clicking on it. We will call it “Collecting payments,” which will generate the following URL: Please keep this open in a tab while going through the subsequent steps.

Next, head over to and create an account. After you log in, you have to verify your email, so check your inbox to complete the process.

Once you verify the email, you'll be able to see the dashboard. Then, click on “Create a form.”

You have the option to start from scratch, use one of their templates, or import a form. Let’s start with the second option by selecting “Use Template.” It will be quickest.

They have thousands of templates, but you can narrow it down by searching for “Stripe” templates. The first suggestion is called “Cookie Order Form;” let’s go with that. We will take the cookie out a little bit later.

The template looks like this, with the products listed, the card details fields, email, and shipping address.

The grey button at the end could look better, so let’s change it. Click on it and then click on the gear on the right of the field. You will see the field options sliding from the right. You can change the text on the button, the alignment, and the style. Other options are available under the “Advanced” tab, in case you need it.

We made small edits, changed the text to “Order now,” and gave it the classic color of a CTA - green.

Next, let’s edit the rest of the form. The first field is the title that has two components - the heading text and the sub-heading text. Clicking on it and then on the gear will open the field options on the right where you can customize it to your liking.

Products and card details are part of the same field, which makes the job easier. Then, you can connect with Stripe using the blue button on the right sidebar. You will see a popup to login to Stripe and give the necessary access to Jotform.

Now have a look at the “Payment type” as we are not selling products, but subscriptions. If you want to use this setup to sell products, you can leave it as it is.

After you select “Sell subscriptions,” you will see a message saying that by proceeding, it will also remove the existing products. We don’t want to sell cookies so we can go ahead and do that.

Now, head over to “Test mode” to verify the entire flow, with confirmed payments and everything, without actually making a real payment.

When you change the mode, you will lose the connection with Stripe and have to reconnect.

The great part is the form can automatically take the products/subscriptions you have in Stripe.

Make sure the field is "required" so users can't submit the form without this.

Let’s set up the rest of the form. The next field is “Cookie Lover Name.” You can get rid of the cookies and write “Full name” to make it crystal clear for the user.

Next is the email field; not a lot to change here. You can edit if you want, there are multiple options available under the “Options” and “Advanced” tabs if needed.

Transform “Shipping address” into “Billing address” and make it a “Required” field by turning it on from the right.

Once you finished editing, click on “Publish” on the orange bar. Hit “Copy link” and head back to Wix.

Back to the tab with the Wix page. Click on “Add,” look for “Embed,” and then select “Embed a Site.”

Now you have an HTML section added to the page, where you have to add the URL from Jotform. Click on “Enter Website Address,” select the radio button “Website Address” and then paste the URL in the field below and click “Apply.”

Resize it to make it look and feel good on the page, there's nothing more annoying that an embed window that is too small to work with.

Here you can see how the published page looks with the embedded form - let’s place a test order!

After placing the order, we landed on the Thank You page. You can see the Jotform branding - switching to a paid plan will give you the possibility to remove it.

Switching back to Jotform you’ll find the submission in the platform - the details are all here.

Then go to Stripe to make sure everything looks nice here also. It does.

Here’s the email sent to the form owner (which is us) and the client. The name of the form is visible here, so make sure to change the title also!

As you can see, this is not a very complicated workaround, plus it can save you an extra expense when starting. Once you have 10 new customers per month (old customers will be charged automatically by Stripe and do not count towards the limit), you should be able to move to a higher plan on Wix and have everything under one roof.

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