About us

Bunny Who Writes is a content marketing company that delivers game-changing how-to content to SaaS companies big or small across various industries— from launching new features to complex and technical integrations. We strive to be the go-to solution for all things content for SaaS companies looking to generate better leads, educate their users, and significantly decrease their churn rate.

We like to keep things simple and straightforward. We go above and beyond to deliver top-notch products. We are transparent, but keep things as smooth and hassle-free as possible for our clients. We spend our time thinking and writing, so you can best spend yours building a great product and nourishing the relationship with your customers.

Our mission

In a pool of "meh" content, we decided to do things differently, and focus on quality, by doing what we do best - deliver high-end, informative, and insightful content with a purpose. 

We believe in work from anywhere and having a flexible lifestyle. That’s why our small team is not tied to an office, and we work with SaaS companies worldwide. We do what we love and try to do some good along the way too, by helping bunny rescue organizations worldwide, as we believe no life is too small or unimportant.

Our team

We think it doesn’t take a village to do great things, but a few determined, reliable, and focused individuals, willing to do great things together can tackle anything. 

We’re two creative and strategic folks with over a decade of combined experience working for dozens of companies. We’re big on SaaS platforms, effective solutions, and compelling content. It's the experience of building, growing, and eventually selling several small start-ups before that has shaped us as professionals and triggered our passion for doing meaningful work and helping others. 

Editorial team - We bring our extensive experience of over seven years in content creation to the table. We've worked with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies and emerging start-ups to international government agencies.

Business team - We've been in the SaaS space for over seven years, running marketing and growth teams in multi-million dollar companies.

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